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El Filibusterismo pages[baguhin]

Are these pages just summaries of the chapters of the novel with that name? If so, I think it would be best to delete them all, as summaries of novel chapters are surely not in scope of Wikibooks. It might make more sense to refer people interested in it to the possibility of putting the whole text onto Wikisource (as the copyright is probably expired). --MF-Warburg (makipag-usap) 22:24, 15 Agosto 2020 (UTC)[tugon]

@MF-Warburg: Given that the scope of Wikibooks are instructional books, then that would mean that El Filibusterismo, Noli Me Tangere, and Ibong Adarna (including subpages) also need to be deleted, since they are simply summaries of novels (which are fictional, and non-instructional). Additionally, I couldn't find the original manuscript of the novel even if the copyright for the novels have lapsed, so I can't put it on Wikisource either.
If the next step is deletion of those pages then by all means please do so, since I can't do anything on this wiki yet. Thanks! Chlod (batiin!) 00:10, 16 Agosto 2020 (UTC)[tugon]
Looks like Florante at Laura is one of those pages too. Chlod (batiin!) 00:17, 16 Agosto 2020 (UTC)[tugon]
If none of them can be "saved", I'll gladly delete them. Just wanted to double-check. --MF-Warburg (makipag-usap) 22:49, 16 Agosto 2020 (UTC)[tugon]
@MF-Warburg: Now that I think about it, I feel like this wiki would be better off closed if the most visited pages were actually outside of Wikibooks' scope, and if it's just going to be a site full of vandalized pages that would take a significant amount of work to revert and fix. But that's just me, so what's the general process for that, or is consensus needed for it? Chlod (batiin!) 00:52, 18 Agosto 2020 (UTC)[tugon]
See the m:Closing projects policy for that: Absence of content since the wiki's creation is a reason for that. When not much remains after all these novels are gone, probably that is the case. --MF-Warburg (makipag-usap) 18:26, 19 Agosto 2020 (UTC)[tugon]