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(X Duboizi reverence) Back in town Basilio he saw Simoun. He was frightened of his findings. Began to dig Simoun and weary, he approached it, napagsino hard and offered assistance. He was not mistaken Ibarra Simoun and alone. Excited yet approached him instead of Simoun Basilio. Hastily pulled out his own gun and pointed Basilio. Basilio introduced himself by Simoun reassurance that he helped it to bury his mother. He said: You am a man love me, you thought of everything, except me, that is dead and the misfortune of life I often regret. Simoun come with him. He said: Basilio, you holds a secret that could magpangayaya in me, and now you have found one that will be revealed if the downfall of my intention. Said Simoun should kill him Basilio to save his goal. "However, I regret that probably if I kill.

Simoun, and admitted that he Ibarra. It recounts the pagkakapaglibot worldwide to prosperous. Returned to overthrow the government no matter ipagdanak dirty blood. Claimed he was deliberately aggravating the selfishness and extravagance of government and church people to wake up the feelings of the people to rebellion.

But sinuwatan Basilio and his colleagues are planning to build a school of Spanish and shout into the province of the Philippines and Spain give equal rights to the Spanish and Filipino. It claims will enable the Philippines to the city have their own opinion, no liberty and even borrowed flaw is due to pressure borrow language. Raw love of Basilio that resemble the Philippines to become disorderly in South America (South America).

According to Basilio Spanish is a language-bond unite the islands of the Philippines.

It denied Simoun. Anya: The Spanish language would never be general in this city; For the wrinkle of his mind and his heartbeat was not the appropriate words in that language. Few seem to speak Spanish. And few will lose their own ability, subject to a different brain, servants. Simoun denounced groups that seek to cultivate the Spanish language and the knowledge to speak or write in their own language. He also criticized those who pretend that they learned to speak and understand language.

Well, said Simoun, and stupid Spanish government did not want to be taught the language in its premises unlike Russia and Germany. Simoun said: You forget that while a people has its own language, also retaining its release. The language is a thinking people.

Inihimutok Simoun, the youth movement in the Spanish pagpapaturo are made inside of her. He honestly believes in youth the belief that the welfare of the people they do. He wanted to talk and were Isagani Macapagal. But he may not hear them. He also thought massacre them.

Continued Simoun about youth movement spurred by addition to a waste of time deceived the people with nothing to hope and helps to bow our heads in grasping. They do not resemble you in Spanish? Very nice! Develop your instinct. Do you give a representative Kortes? Good. What can a voice in the crowd? Nagmamaramot while giving them the right to obtain the greater you then to overthrow them together and return together. Do not teach you their language, develop a native idiom without losing discrimination and have national purposes. Do not let them imagine the Spanish master is here and they are part of this people but invaders and aliens. So you would achieve the liberation. That's why I left and you live!

Basilio breathed. He said he never politicians. He signed the request for school because he thinks that's good. He said medical destined.

In the current situation does not seem very well makapanggagamot Basilio said Simoun. The pain of people who are more in need of treatment. Nothing in life pertaining to a great purpose, like a stone in cultivation instead be elements in a building.

Basilio said he chose the science to serve the people. Led to the greatness of wisdom conversation. Wisdom is eternally, and humane world. Within a few centuries, when humanity is tumalino, if no differently, all people are free and without any bondage and enslaved, there is justice and all beings and citizens of the world sole purpose is the acquisition of wisdom, the word bravery and patriotism considered fanaticism or madness and ikabibilanggo nagsasabibig of it.

Simoun shook his head. To reach the state said Basilio said the world must first liberate the people and it also requires the shedding of blood so that the oppressed are freed from tyranny. The visionary said Basilio. The greatness of man is not able to advance in his time but in response to his needs and desires in progress.

Simoun noted that touched the heart of Basilio. He jabbed Thuja Basilio. Said Simoun Basilio do nothing but mourn the body of the mother, as a woman. How do I take revenge? Basilio asked. I just crush them. Said Simoun help him. An individual does not raise revenge his mother or his brother, Basilio response. What will I have to avenge them? .

Help others not suffer the same misfortune, said Basilio. The apology does not always kindly, if it's the fault nagbibigaay allow oppression. Without any slavery without servants. And reminded Simoun study Basilio could sustain it faced Ibarra. Basilio wondered. He said the aggrieved he still hated. Human nature to dislike her oppressed, said Simoun. But I did not interfere with them; They let me work and live. Basilio replied Simoun, followed by:

And produce a kind of slave The feelings are good or bad hereditary son. You have no desire but a little house, a little comfort, a wife; a handful of rice; and that the goal of much of the Philippines, and that's given to you, consider yourselves lucky.

Rush days. After saying that he did not prohibit Basilio revealing his secret is said that if you need only visit Basilio in his office at the Escolta. Thanks Basilio. Simoun left thinking: Perhaps he convinced Basilio revenge or vengeance, but with the intention to conceal just want to monopolize it or deliberately seek no revenge. As nagtumining within Simoun intense desire for revenge.